Underwater Treasures Guppy Breeder


Underwater Treasures Guppy Breeder

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A lot goes into maintaining a healthy aquarium. The Underwater Treasures Guppy Breeder from Big Al’s Pets is a multi-purpose chamber that can aid with many issues that arise in aquarium life. If you need to separate pregnant females from other fish in the tank, the guppy breeder is ideal. It measures 6.3″ x 3.1″ x 3.1″ and slips right into your tank, staying secure with four suction cups that allow for easy, convenient placing anywhere in your aquarium. The Underwater Treasures Guppy Breeder lets you utilize both the filtration and heating system within your own tank.

Often times, an aggressive fish can wreak havoc with the rest of the community. Don’t stress. Simply isolate the offender in the guppy breeder. It works for separating sick or injured fish as well. The multi-purpose chamber can double as a nursery too, protecting newborn fry from the other adult fish in the aquarium. Find all your aquarium supplies at Big Al’s Pets!


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