Underwater Treasures Boulder Hideout


Underwater Treasures Boulder Hideout

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The Underwater Treasures Boulder Hideout is a dream come true for fishkeepers of all varieties! Many aquarists struggle to provide fish with cover and hiding spots while still maintaining a man made environment that mimics that complex beauty of nature. The boulder itself is covered in a faint mossy green color, with protruding leafy plants that add to the already ancient appearance of the piece. Outfitted with smaller rocks around the large, gaping opening, fish of all shapes will have the opportunity to swim in and out of the boulder, enjoying the quiet dark space within. The Underwater Treasures Boulder Hideout is well suited for frewhwater and saltwater tanks, and brings a level of natural exposure and earthiness to any aquarium it sits in. Ideal for shy species of fish that like to hide such as many plecos, cichlids and loaches.


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