Underwater Treasures Battlefield Wreckage


Underwater Treasures Battlefield Wreckage

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The Underwater Treasures Battlefield Wreckage is not your average aquarium decoration. The entire scene highlights the aged wreckage of a crashed airplane and a long ago destroyed tank, now left to collect moss in the dirt where the two mighty machines lie. Stunningly detailed paint jobs reveal textured surfaces that offer unique visuals The skeletal remains of a once vibrant apartment building flushes out the background, catching the eye with the intricate and detailed construction of individual bricks. Broken walls and rubble tell a story of a fiery battle that once raged on, but now is but a distant memory, recalled only by the broken down aircraft and shattered tank that now sit in silence. Open windows and small spaces are ideal for curious fish to explore and relax away from the open spaces of the aquarium. Suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater tanks. Weighted so the decoration will not float.


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