Tropical Marine Spirulina Gran 150g


Tropical Marine Spirulina Gran 150g

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Tropical’s Marine Power Spirulina Formula Granules are an excellent, nutrient-rich food for daily feeding of omnivorous and herbivorous marine fish with 36% spirulina content. Spirulina is rich in protein and essential amino acids, including lysine, leucine, and threonine, which help to stimulate growth and proper development in fish. Spirulina also contains healthy unsaturated fatty acids, which boost immune systems and promote reproduction and other various physiological processes. Fiber and vitamins from spirulina help to further intensify immune system strength and maintain healthy digestion. Colour-enhancing carotenoids aid in bringing out the natural beauty in your fish. These granules do not cloud water, with low phosphorus content to limit the risk of imbalance caused by leftover food.


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