Tropical Green Algae Wafers 450g


Tropical Green Algae Wafers 450g

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Tropical Green Algae Wafers are specialized vegetable matter-based sinking wafers designed specifically for Loricariidae fish, as well as serving as a supplementary feed for other omnivorous bottom feeding fish and crustaceans. These green algae wafers are created by Tropical from a blend of algae, including spirulina, and are meant to feed catfish who need a lot of algae matter in their diet. These wafers closely imitate the diet and texture commonly of food commonly consumed by bottom-feeders in the wild, encouraging a healthy appetite.

Tropical Green Algae Wafers are packed with spirulina, an ingredient which helps regulate proper digestion and maintain regularity among all of your bottom feeders. These wafers do not dissolve in water, but instead keep their texture as they fall within reach of bottom-feeders and crustaceans, making feeding much easier for these animals – and because they do not dissolve, these wafers will never pollute your tank.


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