Tropical Flower Horn Young Pellet 95g


Tropical Flower Horn Young Pellet 95g

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Tropical Young Flower Horn Cichlid Pellets are colour-enhancing floating pellets carefully created specifically for flower horns and other similar cichlids. Flower horn cichlids require hefty amounts of protein and unsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6) in order to grow healthy and beautiful forehead humps. Spirulina and other plant materials provide essential fibre, promoting healthy digestion and providing essential natural carotenoids, which enhance colouration and boost immune system functionality. Tropical’s Flower Horn Cichlid Pellets are low in starch, protecting the organs of carnivorous fish from fatty deterioration. Tropical produced pellet food does not disintegrate when submerged in water, keeping your aquarium clean and all the valuable nutrients held together for your fish.


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