Tropical Cichlid Omnivore Small Floating Pellets – 360 g


Tropical Cichlid Omnivore Small Floating Pellets – 360 g

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Tropical Cichlid Omnivore Small Floating Pellets are fibre-packed floating granulated pellets designed to meet all of the nutritional needs of young and small omnivorous cichlids. Tropical has loaded these pellets with natural carotenoids, ingredients that intensify fish colouration and boost immune system functionality. High fibre content from natural sources like spirulina help enhance digestion and strengthen the alimentary tract, contributing to keeping your fish healthy and happy. Vitamins included in the formula help to prevent deficiencies and stave away illness. Tropical produced pellet food does not disintegrate when submerged in water, keeping your aquarium clean and all the valuable nutrients held together for your fish. Cichlid Omnivore Small Pellets are made with easy-to-digest ingredients, such as crustaceans and algae, and every day feeding helps maintain good health and steady growth in cichlids.


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