Sicce Green Reset 25 Pressure Filter with 10Watt UV


Sicce Green Reset 25 Pressure Filter with 10Watt UV

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The Green Reset 25 External Pressure Filter is a pressurized pond filter boasting three stage filtration. The mechanical filtration comes from durable filter sponges, the biological filtration uses bio balls and uv lamps provide exceptional algae sterilization to eliminate green water for a cleaner, prettier and more balanced aquatic environment. Due to the high level of pressure offered by the filter, the unit is ideal for providing higher elevated watercourses, such as streams, ponds and water features with the necessary amount of water for continued and consistent flow. Consistent water flow contributes greatly to the overall health of any water body, and helps to reduce the build up of harmful bacteria and algae. For improved ease of use, the Sicce Green Reset 25 External Pressure Filter features a unique patented easy cleaning system, that delivers a deep, thorough clean by squeezing the sponges instead of just backwashing them. Can be installed above ground or below ground depending on the practical and aesthetic needs of the unit. Ideal for sensitive koi ponds up to 2113 gallons and energy efficient at only 10 watts.


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