Sicce Canada Ultrazero Utility Pump


Sicce Canada Ultrazero Utility Pump

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The Sicce Ultrazero Utility Pump is scientifically designed for pumping cloudy water without a large debris content. This multi-purpose pump is ideal for solving many issues associated with domestic hydroponic and aquatic applications such as pumping water in and out of aquariums, water tanks, rainwater storage tanks, saltwater mixing containers, swimming pools, draining swimming pool covers, draining basements and many others. The fully submersible Sicce Ultrazero Utility Pump has the ability to successfully suck water at a minimum depth of 2mm and can pump soft solids with dimensions up to 1mm, which is critical for hydroponic systems due to the various fertilizers and other substances. The durable, thermoplastic housing will not rust or corrode and the compact, easily removable base requires no tools and makes cleaning and maintenance a walk in the park. The powerful ceramic rotor ensures proper function when pumping aggressive liquids. Features a flow rate of 793 gph.


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