Sicce Canada Space Eko 300 Canister Filter

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Sicce Canada Space Eko 300 Canister Filter

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The Sicce Space Eko+ 300 External Filter is a compact, high efficiency external unit designed for use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums as well as turtle tanks up to 80 gallons. The unit features a quick disconnect system, with heavy-duty locking clips, that makes it quick and easy to remove the filter and media baskets during maintenance or transportation. For added functionality, the unit features a unique self priming system that can be hung directly on the tank and can be used to prime other external filters as well as a quick disconnect system that disconnects from the filter body simply by closing the valves on the IN and OUT hoses. . The multistage modular media basket can hold a wide variety of different medias and provides exceptional filtration that removes leftover food and fish waste to ensure top tier water quality for all aquatic environments. To reduce the amount of maintenance needed, the unit boasts a self cleaning impeller as well as a knob on the output fitting that allows for the accurate control of water flow. With low consumption at only 14 watts and near silent operation, the Sicce Space Eko+ 100 External Filters is one of the premier filtration unit on the market. Features a flow rate of 240 gallons and includes a 10 ppi sponge, a 20 ppi sponge, an additional fine pore sponge, activated carbon inserts and ceramic rings for impeccable biological, chemical and mechanical filtration.


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