Seapora Rustic Grey Stand 48X18


Seapora Rustic Grey Stand 48X18

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The Seapora Rustic Grey Stand takes the classic aquarium stand design and elevates it to levels never before seen in the fishkeeping hobby. With sleek, sharp corners and a natural wood grain aesthetic, this durable rustic grey stand employs both form and function equally, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with the established decor of your home or office. Jet black hinges and sturdy handles adorn two front opening doors, revealing a spacious interior that is ideal for housing various fishkeeping gear such as food, medications and maintenance equipment, keeping it out of view and allowing the visual focus to remain on your stunning aquatic inhabitants instead of your cable management. This well constructed piece of furniture offers unmatched stability and enviable sophistication for both beginners and advanced hobbyists alike. Stand size is 48″ x 18″ x 27.5″.


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