Seapora Mini Spot LED 6,700K 3W


Seapora Mini Spot LED 6,700K 3W

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The 3-Watt High-Intensity Seapora Gooseneck Mini Spot LED Light with heavy duty suction cup mount is small, sleek and compact making it perfect for smaller tanks where space is an issue. The warm daylight 6,700K output provides a shimmering natural sunlight effect and is perfect for use with most glass or acrylic flat-sided desktop aquaria, nano tanks and fish bowls and the custom-tuned polycarbonate optic focuses the brilliant light down into the aquarium for maximum coverage and depth penetration. The 10-inch gooseneck allows aquarists to choose where specifically they want the light to be aimed and can also useful as an accent light on larger aquariums and terrariums and featires an extra durable neoprene coating to resist against corrosion. Includes low-voltage UL-listed AC adapter.


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