Seapora Maintenance Kit 5 In 1


Seapora Maintenance Kit 5 In 1

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The 5-In-1 Maintenance Kit by Aqua One allows you to clean off the toughest and grimiest surfaces in and around your aquarium, while using the detachable heads for specific maintenance uses. While using the Glass Scraper head provided; an up and down scrubbing motion will quickly make the algae disappear. A Scrubbing Pad head is available to assist cleaning walls of glass and acrylic aquariums, while the Plant Fork head acts as a prong for pressing plant roots into the substrate and moving around objects deep inside of your aquarium. The Gravel Rake head is suitable for tidying displaced gravel, and the Fish Net head is perfect for catching any fish or uneaten food from the aquarium water. One simple tool with many features can help you handle your aquarium cleaning-duties way easier than ever before!


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