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Seachem Coral Plugs

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Seachem Coral Plugs offer a chemically advanced platform intelligently designed for mounting and growing delicate SPS and LPS coral as well as soft corals, colonial polyps, and other sessile invertebrates that require specific environments for development. These durable coral plugs are enhanced with calcium and magnesium to encourage steady growth and development. Additionally, the unique shape of the plugs themselves allow them to mesh tightly together, which encourages the rapid spread and encrusting of corals, especially zooanthids that can spread quickly from plug to plug. Includes 12 plugs.


Apply a conservative amount of cyanoacrylate adhesive, such as Seachem Reef Glue, to one of the coral plugs and carefully, but firmly press the frag and plug together for 20 seconds. Coral plugs can either be placed individually as desired in the aquarium or placed within an expanisve network using egg crates.


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