Savic Nero 3 De Luxe Cage Guinea Pig & Rabbit


Savic Nero 3 De Luxe Cage Guinea Pig & Rabbit

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Versele-Laga Nero 3 De Luxe Dwarf Rabbit Cage is a top of the line indoor habitat designed for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs. This spacious environment offers ample room to exercise, explore and play and includes a cute hollow plateau that offers a quiet, cozy place to rest and sleep. For greater convenience, the cage comes with a detachable bottom that makes cleaning, replacing bedding or overall maintenance quick and easy. Large front and top doors allow easy access to your pet and 2.5 cm spaced wires ensure that even the most adventurous rodent cannot make a daring escape. The cage includes a two sturdy carrying handles as well as a feeding bowl, drinking bottle and hay rack for food.


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