Pentair Aquatics Quiet One 1200 Pro


Pentair Aquatics Quiet One 1200 Pro

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The Quiet One 1200 Pro Series is a powerful, energy-efficient, and versatile aquarium pump designed for both dry and submersible applications. Appropriately named, this multi-purpose pump operates in virtual silence while dishing out an impressive 296 gph. It features a patented ECO-SAV system that generates more pumping power while consuming less energy. For added flexibility, a flow control valve with pre-filter grill is standard equipment.

Designed for quiet operation and long life, the Quite One 1200 Pro features advanced impeller technology that includes upgraded shaft materials, combined rotors, and corrosion-resistant bearings. Its innovative “cooling chamber” provides air-cooling during dry use and water-cooling in wet applications. Internal recirculation also helps prevents overheating while ejecting obstructing debris. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater applications.


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