Pentair Aquatics 60″ Ultra-Slim Freshwater LED Light


Pentair Aquatics 60″ Ultra-Slim Freshwater LED Light

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Light up your aquatic world like never before with the Lifegard Aquatics Ultra-Slim Freshwater LED Light! This cool-running and remarkably efficient 60″ fixture delivers exceptional general purpose lighting for freshwater aquariums (1,260 lumens at only 10.8 watts!). It dramatically enhances the appearance of fish and decor, and adds a brilliant shimmer to your already stunning display.

Capable of supporting a wide range of aquatic life, the 60″ Ultra-Slim Freshwater LED Light is equipped with 180 daytime and 12 lunar LEDs. The 6,500K daytime LEDs emit a high intensity full spectrum light, while the 460 nm lunar LEDs produce a cool blue actinic light. All light is focused inside your aquarium where it belongs.

Managing the output of the Ultra-Slim Freshwater LED Light is super simple thanks to its waterproof touch controls. Color-coded white and blue for daytime and lunar, they enable independent control of the two LED channels. Cycle between daytime only, daytime and lunar, lunar only, and off modes on demand.

Designed for long life in a moist environment, the Ultra-Slim Freshwater LED Light boasts ultra-durable construction. It features a heat-dissipating aluminum housing, and its LED board is coated with a layer of crystal clear resin. This makes the LEDs both water-resistant and easy to clean.

The versatile 60″ Ultra-Slim Freshwater LED Light offers 3 convenient installation options. It comes with adjustable metal brackets to fit standard and rimless aquariums ranging from 60″ to 66″ in width, includes optional mounting stands for more elevated positioning, and also features integrated hanging clips for use with suspension cables (cables sold separately).


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