Penn Plax Tank Divider Bx 29/55 Super


Penn Plax Tank Divider Bx 29/55 Super

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If you’ve ever wished that you could divide your current aquarium in half while still using the same heater and filtration system, then take a look at Penn Plax Tank Dividers from Big Al’s Pets. This tank divider easily converts one tank into two. Now, you have a separate safe area for breeding or nurturing newborn fish. A divider is also an excellent way to isolate an aggressive fish from the rest of the community.

The Penn Plax Tank Divider is available in four different sizes; medium, large, extra-large or super. Simple, choose your desired size option. It is designed to fit most ten gallon tanks. The divider will allow unrestricted filtration between the two sections. It will also utilize the tank’s heating system without disruption. The Penn Plax Tank Divider is the perfect solution to your tank dilemma. Don’t buy another tank. Divide.


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