New Life Naturox 2-2.5mm Sink 300g


New Life Naturox 2-2.5mm Sink 300g

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The 300 g New Life Spectrum 2 mm fish formula is made for tropical fish in either freshwater or reef environments. Made without any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, the food boasts natural ingredients such as krill, ginger, algae and seaweeds that aid in the digestive process. The ingredients in these pellets boost the immune system of the inhabitants of your tank, as well as providing them with the essential vitamins and minerals to dramatically enhance both the colour and growth of your fish. At 2 mm per pellet, New Life Spectrum is perfect for medium sized fish, and will sink to the bottom of the tank where some of the more shy or bottom dwelling fish will be able to enjoy the taste and the benefits of this product.


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