Marina Hang On Holding & Breeding Box – Large


Marina Hang On Holding & Breeding Box – Large

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If you are looking for a safe and secure nursery, you will love the Marina Hang-On Breeding Boxes at Big Al’s Pets. This breeding box securely hands on to your aquarium, saving space. It is also perfect for breeding, isolating and acclimating fish to their new environment. The breeding box uses your existing system and doesn’t require purchasing any additional heaters or filters. It is available in three sizes: small (0.2 gal), medium (0.3 gal) and large (0.5 gal). Choose the size option that you want when ordering.

Simply attach the Marina Breeding Box. With the use of an air pump and airline tubing, the water from your tank immediately flows through the breeding box, allowing you to keep newborns safely separated from adults or to help new fish become accustomed to their new home. Air pump and tubing are sold separately.


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