Marina 360/Marina Splash Replacement Filter Cartridge – 4 pack


Marina 360/Marina Splash Replacement Filter Cartridge – 4 pack

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Hagen Marina replacement fish tank filter cartridges are packed with premium carbon and zeolite for two levels of filtration. Both compounds remove unwanted pollutants and odors, clarifying the water for both your enjoyment and your pet’s health.

Carbon filters help eliminate general water odors, as well as discoloration from unwanted staining. It helps remove organic and inorganic materials that have been distributed throughout the aquarium water. Activated carbon absorbs and traps these harmful particles.

Added zeolite helps capture ammonia and is an effective addition to carbon filtration. These filters are great to use when setting up a new tank or dealing with an ammonia level spike. Test your water frequently to prepare for or adjust these elements. Common causes of ammonia spikes include but are not limited to overstocking, overfeeding, impaired filters and specimen death.

Easy to install and remove, these filters are designed for use with the Marina 360° and Splash Aquarium filtration systems by Hagen.


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