Hydor Smart Level Controller


Hydor Smart Level Controller

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The Hydor Smart Level is an ultra-compact electronic controller designed to maintain a consistent water level in your aquarium or sump. Combined with an appropriately sized water pump (up to 50 watts), this innovative ATO unit automatically replenishes water lost to evaporation. The Smart Level has no moving parts, and features a sophisticated 3-prong sensor that uses temperature differentials to identify water level changes. Its accuracy is therefore unaffected by water surface movement caused by circulation pumps and wavemakers. Suitable for both freshwater and marine applications.

MIN – Indicates the minimum water level area. When evaporation causes the water level in your aquarium or sump to drop below this point, the connected return pump will automatically be engaged and refilling of the aquarium will commence. The top off time ranges from a minimum of 25 seconds to a maximum of 10 minutes. An LED indicator signals when this mode is operative.

MAX – Indicates the maximum water level area. When the water level reaches this point during the top off process, the connected return pump is automatically stopped. An LED indicator signals when this mode is operative.

ALARM – Indicates possible overfilling of your aquarium. If the water level reaches this point, a red LED will flash and an audible alarm will sound to draw your attention.

The Hydor Smart Level is effortless to install thanks to the included magentic suction cup support (compatible with glass up to 0.4″ thick). It also comes with adhesive cable clamps to ensure that the sensor does not shift or turn. Designed for operation in moist environments, the Smart Level features a water-resistant design that includes a protected on/off rocker switch. Its compact profile allows it to be mounted discreetly in cabinets or canopies.

Please note: Top off pump sold separately. To prevent overfilling it is important that you select a pump that is suitable for the size of your aquarium, keeping in mind the minimum and maximum fill times.


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