Fluval Surface Skimmer


Fluval Surface Skimmer

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Have you ever been frustrated by the unattractive surface film that develops on the top of your aquarium water? Well worry no more! The Fluval Surface Skimmer is a top of the line water cleaner that draws water from the surface and helps to eliminate unsightly and undesirable film and organic waste that accumulates in the water, a film that can negatively impact the level of light penetration in the tank as well as gas exchange. Not only does this device help to maintain a cleaner overall aquarium, but it also helps to oxygenate the water to the benefit of all your aquatic inhabitants. The Fluval Surface Skimmer is incredibly versatile and fits all canister filters with a 0.5″ diameter hose. Well suited for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, but Marine tanks in particular that do not employ a surface overflow will benefit greatly from the addition of the surface skimmer because it contains no metal parts that could negatively impact the delicate balances of your reef set-up.

The unit is compatible with canister filters sporting a 0.5″ diameter hose.


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