Fluval Spec Aquarium Kit – Black – 19 L (5 US gal)


Fluval Spec Aquarium Kit – Black – 19 L (5 US gal)

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The Fluval SPEC V is a 5 gallon designer aquarium for desktops, tabletops, and other small spaces. Embellished with frosted glass and aluminum trim, this eye-catching creation adds style and sophistication to any home or office environment. It offers user-friendly setup and maintenance, and comes packed with in-demand features such as multi-stage filtration and LED lighting.

The SPEC V features a seamlessly integrated filtration system that consists of three highly effective stages. This impressive filter is powered by a 53 gph adjustable circulation pump, and includes all the required filter media. A multi-directional output nozzle allows you to control how the crystal-clear return water flows back into the aquarium.

Mechanical Filtration – A large porous foam block removes free-floating debris and particulates from the water, while also providing support to the biological filter. It comes with a convenient carry handle for effortless maintenance, and features designated cutouts to house the other two media types.

Chemical Filtration – A nylon pouch filled with premium, research-grade carbon quickly removes discoloration, heavy metals, odors, and organic pollutants from your aquarium water.

Biological Filtration – A second nylon pouch packed with Bio-Max ceramic rings provides a complex pore structure in which beneficial bacteria can thrive. Enhances the bio-filter to promote a healthier aquarium environment.

To highlight the brilliant colors of your fish, plants and decor, the Fluval SPEC V comes equipped with an all new high output LED fixture that is 20% brighter than the original spec. Supported by a sleek aluminum arm, this energy-efficient light features 37 high luminosity LEDs controlled by a 3-way switch (daylight/lunar/off). The 35 daylight LEDs emit a 7,000 K spectrum and virtually no heat (making the SPEC V suitable for growing various aquatic plants), and the 2 lunar LEDs emit a 460nm blue light to allow discreet nighttime viewings.

The Fluval SPEC V is a blank canvas that’s just waiting for your personalized touch. It includes a cULus listed, low voltage power supply for safety, and offers peace of mind with a 2 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


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