Fluval SEA Marine Spectrum LED with Bluetooth – 32 W – 24-34 in (61-85 cm)


Fluval SEA Marine Spectrum LED with Bluetooth – 32 W – 24-34 in (61-85 cm)

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The 32 watt Fluval SEA Marine Spectrum LED is a powerful, low profile lighting system designed for use in saltwater aquariums. The system is fully customizable with programmable 24 hour light cycles to accurately replicate sunrise, midday, sunset and nighttime, to provide your tank inhabitants with the most natural environment possible. Aquarists will be able to independently control colors and seven unique band waves for full spectrum results. Depending on the needs of your aquarium, preset configurations such as Sunny Reef, Deep Sea Glo and Color Burst will provide unique blends of light for your inhabitants. This unit comes with H.T.E. (High Thermal Efficiency) LED lights that operate at a higher temperature to provide enhanced long term output as well as spectral accuracy. The larger body and stronger LED’s allow for up to 120 degrees of uniform illumination. The body of the Fluvial SEA Marine Spectrum LED is encased in a durable aluminum shell that offers effective heat transfer and stronger protection against humidity and salt damage. With such a powerful construction, the system can be hung close to the surface of the water without fear of damage. All settings and features can be easily managed via bluetooth on your mobile device for added freedom and control. Suitable for tanks between 24″ and 36″ in size.


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