Fluval Sea EVO Aquarium Kit – 52 L (13.5 US gal)


Fluval Sea EVO Aquarium Kit – 52 L (13.5 US gal)

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Start your dream nano reef aquarium with the Fluval SEA EVO Saltwater Kit! This all-inclusive aquarium kit features a high-performance saltwater tank with a minimalist design, constructed to provide all the power of a professional system in a compact enough size to fit on any desk or counter top. The EVO Saltwater Kit includes all the same features as an aquarium multiple times its size and price, and is can be easily modified for the tailored needs of the experienced aquarist.

The EVO includes reef-capable LED lighting, boasting 14000K high output LEDs to support healthy coral growth, with all aluminum waterproof casing, full integration for minimal loss of light, and easy-to-use touch start day and night illumination settings. The strip features 31 LEDs operating at 1383 lumens, with 50,000 hours of operation, ensuring optimal coral growth and coloration. The EVO’s filtration system features three stage functionality, silently feeding your water through powerful Mechanical Foam, Carbon Chemical, and Biomax Biological stages to keep your fish living happy and healthy in clean, clear water. Three back chambers allow aquarium owners to customize where they place the filtration material. The water pump attaches to a multi-directional dual output nozzle, which is fully adjustable to create your ideal water flow.

Fluval knows what fish-keepers want, and has introduced several quality of life improvements to their EVO aquariums. An easy feed opening is built into the hood, while a removable cover provides access to the back chambers. Honeycomb print along the top line of the aquarium camouflages the water line and rear compartment, keeping the focus on your aquarium’s visually stunning inhabitants. All of this is built cleanly into the EVO, keeping the design modern and minimalist while also allowing you to perform maintenance without disturbing your aquarium’s inhabitants.

What’s in the box:

  • Glass Aquarium with Cover
  • Coral Ready LED Lighting System
  • Low Voltage Transformer
  • Water Pump with Output Accessories
  • Foam Filter Block with Handle
  • Activated Carbon Insert
  • BIOMAX Insert

The 13.5 gal Fluval SEA EVO Saltwater Kit includes a two year limited manufacturer warranty. It can also be upgraded for other uses, with Fluval’s add-ons such as the Fluval SEA Mini Protein Skimmer and Fluval M Series Submersible Heater, both sold separately. This versatile kit is excellent for kickstarting any new nano reef aquarium project, and can even be used for freshwater purposes. Show the world that big things come in small packages with a Fluval SEA EVO aquarium!


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