Fluval Nano Plant LED with Bluetooth


Fluval Nano Plant LED with Bluetooth

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The 15 watt Fluval Plant High Output Nano LED Lamp is a top of the line, fully customizable LED light designed for use in planted freshwater aquariums. The slender profile has been reduced by 23% to reduce the carbon footprint, but boasts 63 powerful LED lights with a combined lifetime of 50,000 hours. Each individual LED casts 120 degrees of illumination for significantly higher light depth and coverage compared to that of others on the market. The unit comes with an easy to mount secure grip and offers adjustable positioning and can be moved up and down, 90 degrees side to side or forward and backward for optimum freedom of use.

The fully customizable light provides an adjustable color spectrum able to accurately replicate different configurations of wild aquatic environments such as atmospheres from Lake Malawi, a tropical river or a planted tank. Colors include pink, blue, cold white, pure white and warm white and six unique band waves for beautiful, full spectrum results. For even greater customization, the Fluval Plant High Output Nano LED Lamp boasts a programmable 24-hour light cycles to mimic the natural progression of the sun and the moon, which helps to keep your fish on a more natural circadian rhythm for improved overall health. Featuring an IP67 waterproof rating, the light can endure regular splashing and even temporary submersion in the event that the light is accidentally dropped in the aquarium. The LED’s are designed with H.T.E. (high thermal efficiency) which offer a higher operating temperature, improved long term light output and enhanced spectral performance. The re-engineered aluminum shell provides superior heat transfer and protection against water and humidity intrusion.


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