Fluval AquaSky LED 2.0 with Bluetooth, 27w, 61-122cm (36″-45″)


Fluval AquaSky LED 2.0 with Bluetooth, 27w, 61-122cm (36″-45″)

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The 27 watt Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Light is a top of the line, fully customizable LED light designed for use in freshwater and fish-only saltwater aquariums. With a slender profile, the unit takes up very little room but boasts 63 powerful LED lights with a combined lifetime of 50,000 hours. Each individual LED casts 120 degrees of illumination for significantly higher light depth and coverage compared to that of others on the market. Utilizing 42 white LED’s and 21 RGB (red, green, blue) LED’s, the fully customizable light provides an adjustable color spectrum able to accurately replicate different types of wild aquatic environments. For even greater customization, the Fluval Aquasky LED Strip Light boasts a programmable 24-hour light cycles to mimic the natural progression of the sun and the moon, which helps to keep your fish on a more natural circadian rhythm for improved overall health. Additionally, the unit features multiple weather effects such as stormy lightening, dense cloud cover or full sun to provide your aquatic inhabitants with the constant lighting changes of their natural habitats and can be controlled by smartphones via bluetooth. Featuring an IP67 waterproof rating, the light can endure regular splashing and even temporary submersion in the event that the light is accidentally dropped in the aquarium. The light is fitted for tanks between 36 and 48 inches.


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