Eheim Pro 4+ 600 2275 Filter


Eheim Pro 4+ 600 2275 Filter

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Maintaining the integrity of its predecessors, the Eheim Pro 4+ Canister Filter – 600 boasts powerful performance, optimal energy-efficiency, and virtually silent operation. Still implementing its notorious automatic self-priming aid, top prefilter that traps large particles of dirt and debris, and safety hose adapters with locking mechanism, easy, convenient operation remains abundantly present. The Eheim Pro 4+ also introduces the newly added “Xtender” button.

The Range Xtender Control Function is a helpful addition for any aquarist, as it lengthens the time between routine cleanings by using a bypass which skips over the fine filter pad in the event the pad becomes blocked. This feature proves to be very helpful if your fine filter-media becomes clogged, or to perform extensive clean-up after disturbing your substrate. Along with the “Xtender” button, this heavy-duty filter now features a lower power consumption than previous models, and a sophisticated, all black appearance!

This particular Eheim Pro 4+ 600 (2275) model is well suited for use with saltwater or freshwater aquariums ranging from 64 to 160 gallons. It pushes water out with an adjustable flow rate of 331 gallons per hour and at a mere 16 watts! Employing 4 individual filter baskets within it’s “Easy Clean” grid, and including the appropriate mechanical, biological, and chemical media, your aquarium water will be crystal clear in no time at all! Additional installation equipment and a detailed manual to ensure that your system can be implemented and set up with ease.


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