Eheim Hobby Pump 1048 159 Gph


Eheim Hobby Pump 1048 159 Gph

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The Eheim Universal Pump – 1048 is a durable and versatile pump that has the ability to be used both in or under water as well as externally, without sacrificing function or power. Ideal for wide range of both freshwater and marine applications, the pump features an integrated prefilter that protects the impeller from any particles that have been drawn into the stem to ensure a longer service life, safe hose connections and variety of connections and fixings for hassle free installation. For added safety and durability, the unit comes with an airtight, hermetically sealed motor body to provide the pump with unmatched power and performance. To enhance the already stellar performance of the Eheim Universal Pump, the unit is also compatible with top of the line smart accessories such as the Installations SET 2. The inlet connector is designed to ensure secure hose connections and preventing leaking and an included mounting bracket gives freedom of choice when deciding where to place the pump and how to securely affix it. Comes with a durable 10 foot cable, boasts a flow rate of 159 GPH and a maximum head height of 4.9 feet.


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