Coralife Floating Turtle Trunk


Coralife Floating Turtle Trunk

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The Zilla Freestanding Floating Basking Platform – Turtle Trunk is a realistic piece of decor for any turtle habitat. The unit itself features a solid base and a unique floating platform that stays in line with the water level changes, so that your turtle has the most accurate representation of a natural environment. Because the floating platform moves with the water level, your turtle will never struggle to get themselves onto or off of the platform, offering endless basking possibilities. The unit is heavy enough that the base won’t move due to currents or a curious turtle, but is easy enough to move so that it can be placed under heat lamps for optimal comfort and functionality. With such mobility, heat lamps can be placed in such a way that they will not damage the plastic or any other decor in the tank. Great for many different species of turtles, frogs, newts and other aquatic or amphibious creatures. Easy to clean and with beautiful green coloring and replica tree trunk as the platform, your shelled companion will love the natural look of their new decor.


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