Christmas Trees Canada Leaf Litter- Almond Leaves


Christmas Trees Canada Leaf Litter- Almond Leaves

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Jurassic Reptile Products Almond Leaves are all natural and completely free of harmful chemicals and artificial dyes. These high quality Indian almond leaves are ideal for a wide variety of aquarium applications, helping to reduce the pH levels in the tank, as well as releasing organic tannins that create authentic blackwater environments. Additionally, as these leaves dot and cover the bottom of the aquarium, it provides a quiet, natural ecosystem that helps to provide shelter and reduce stress in sensitive fish such as bettas. Almond leaves also help to boost the overall immunity of your fish, and encourage spawning events.


Rinse thoroughly before use. Boiling or soaking is advised. A “post-boil soak” in clean, freshwater combined with a bag of activated carbon will also be useful.


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