Carib Sea South Seas Rock – Shelf Rock (Sold by the pound)


Carib Sea South Seas Rock – Shelf Rock (Sold by the pound)

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CaribSea’s South Seas Base Rock is a great aquascaping rock for all aquatic enthusiasts! It has much more structure than any other commonly available aquascaping rock and is much more porous as well (you will get more rock for your money). South Seas Rocks are a calcium carbonate base rock that is very similar to actual reef rock, and at one point actually was, although it is obtained terrestrially from ancient coral reefs underground. South Seas Shelf Rock is the perfect way to create very attractive caves and platform rock structures in your aquarium, enhancing the overall appearance of the environment. It provides a very clean, unique look for cichlid and livebearer tanks, and can even be a realistic addition to a desert reptile habitat! Sold by the pound.


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