Carib Sea Moani Dry Live Rock per lb


Carib Sea Moani Dry Live Rock per lb

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CaribSea’s Moani Dry Live Rock is a great aquascaping rock for all aquatic enthusiasts! It has much more structure than any other commonly available aquascaping rock and is more porous as well, giving it additional surface area. Moani Rocks are a calcium carbonate base rock that is very similar to actual reef rock, making these rocks great for creating very attractive caves and platform rock structures in your aquarium. The rock itself features shelf stable, spored bacteria that activate as soon as it is introduced into an aquarium environment. These bacteria will provide a boost of colour and make the rock look and behave as though it is a live rock. It provides a very clean, unique look for cichlid, livebearer, and reef tanks alike, and can even be a realistic addition to a desert reptile habitat! Sold by the pound.


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