Aqueon Max Blue LED Lamp Size 30


Aqueon Max Blue LED Lamp Size 30

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Designed for use with the 30″ Aqueon Modular LED Aquarium Light, this 4 watt Max Blue LED Lamp replicates natural deep sea illumination to enhance the fluorescence and overall appearance of fish and corals. Its unique design features 15 ultra-bright LEDs housed in a durable glass sleeve, and a moisture-resistant plug & play connector.

The energy-efficient and easy-to-install LED lamp “clicks” effortlessly into place inside the Modular LED Aquarium Light. It delivers brilliant output that won’t fade over time while consuming 70% less energy than comparable T8 fluorescent lamps. Furthermore, unlike conventional fluorescent lighting, the Aqueon Max Blue LED Lamp is made without mercury, which can be harmful to the environment. Great for both freshwater and saltwater applications.


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