Aqueon Internal Shrimp Filter 20g


Aqueon Internal Shrimp Filter 20g

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The Aqueon QuietFlow Internal Shrimp Filter is a specially designed filter for freshwater tanks housing a variety of different shrimp species such as Ghost, Cherry, Amano and Bamboo shrimp, small fish and invertebrates. Constructed with an intake grid and pre-filter sponge to eliminate shrimp from entering into the filtration system, eliminating the chances of your shrimp getting injured or worse. The unit is self priming, making it much easier to get started again after maintenance or a power outtage and a small carbon cartridge ensures that the quality of the water within the tank is impeccable. The filter is versatile and can be affixed to framed aquariums via hanging clips or on frameless aquariums with heavy duty suction cups. Suitable for tanks up to 20 gallons.


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