Aqueon Bettabow LED SmartClean Black 2.5 Gal


Aqueon Bettabow LED SmartClean Black 2.5 Gal

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Perfect for fishkeepers of all ages and experiences, the Aqueon LED BettaBow is a high quality, compact acrylic aquarium well suited for home offices, kitchen counters, bedrooms or coffee tables. The sleek, stylish design features an elevated base and offers a comfortable 2.5 gallon environment that is ideal for betta fish, a few small community fish or a handful of shrimp. Despite many industry rumors and incorrect facts, betta fish DO require clean, healthy water to function properly, and the LED MiniBow 2.5 provides a unique SmartClean Technology that allows aquarists to complete essential water changes in only 2 minutes! Just place a collection cup under the convenient side spout, and the aquarium quickly empties without the hassle of messy tubes or spills. When ready to refill, simply fill another cup full of conditioned water and pour it back into the tank until you reach the maximum fill line; it’s that easy!

Additionally, the black colored aquarium kit features a low profile LED hood and an internal power filter designed to maintain healthy, crystal clear water for your favorite aquatic pet. This unique tank is a fantastic introduction into the world of fishkeeping, and provides your beautiful betta with a healthy environment to display their stunning colors and playful personalities.

Kit Includes:

  • Aquarium
  • Blue LED Hood
  • Power Filter
  • Betta Food
  • Water Conditioner
  • Setup Guide


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