Aqueon Betta Princess Castle


Aqueon Betta Princess Castle

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The half gallon Aqueon Betta Princess Castle Aquarium Kit is a cute spin on the classic desktop Betta aquarium set up. The boring glass bowl has been replaced by a royal castle fit only for the most elegant and sophisticated of fish. With bright pink castle top and purple steeples, the tank provides a unique boost of color and fun to any room it’s in. Perfect for small end tables or desks at the office, you’ll have the ability to take your beautiful Betta with you wherever you go. The kit comes with a built in feeding hole at the top, as well as decorative gravel and plants, Aqueon Betta Food and Betta Bowl Plus water conditioner samples. The water conditioner can help to quickly remove harmful chemicals such as chloramines, ammonia and heavy metals. Whether you feel like a royal princess or not, the Aqueon Betta Princess Castle Aquarium Kit is a fun way to explore the amazing hobby of fish keeping. The tank is suitable for a single Betta fish or a handful of small tropical fish.


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