AquaticLife LED Clamp Light 7″


AquaticLife LED Clamp Light 7″

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The Reno Freshwater LED Aquarium Clamp Light Fixture is an efficient, sleek, and versatile lighting system. At 7″ long it is best suited for aquariums which are 20″ long or smaller, ranging from 6 to 10 gallons. It features an adjustable frame mount which securely affixes the fixture to the side of most aquariums, allowing the placement to be easily manoeuvred. For further versatility the Reno Freshwater LED Clamp Light features a swivel neck and 6 foot long power cord with an on/off rocker switch! Operating at a mere 4.5 watts, the energy-efficient fixture boasts 9 white LEDs that will illuminate your aquarium and allow you to marvel at its magnificence. Provide your fish and aquatic plants the day/night cycle they crave, and all of the light they need to thrive!

To ensure your safety and the safety of your aquatic inhabitants, this fixture includes a one-year limited manufacturers warranty and is cUL approved.


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