Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds/Liquid – 236 ml/8.0 oz


Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds/Liquid – 236 ml/8.0 oz

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Adding beneficial bacteria is one of the most important things you can do for your pond. Doing so helps to prevent problems before they occur. Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria is a weekly maintenance treatment that helps you maintain a balanced pond ecosystem. This highly effective solution incorporates 8 pure strains of live beneficial bacteria, including enzymes and PSB (Photosynthetic Bacteria).

The natural cleaners found in Beneficial Bacteria work to clarify your pond water by clumping debris and allowing it to settle. This easy-to-use treatment also reduces pond maintenance by keeping filters clean and free of debris, and helps control harmful ammonia and nitrite. The end result is a clean, clear, and healthy pond environment with a strong biological balance. Completely safe for fish, plants, and animals.

For quick, easy and accurate dosing, Aquascape Beneficial Bacteria comes in a convenient pump bottle. This 8 fl oz bottle treats up to 5,000 gallons of pond water (1 pump treats 100 gallons).


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