Aquarium Pharm Phos-Zorb 5.25oz


Aquarium Pharm Phos-Zorb 5.25oz

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Keep your aquarium free of phosphate and silicate with API’s Phos-Zorb Pouch. Phosphate, which is found in fish waste, tap water and decaying organic matter, can make your tank cloudy. When silicate starts to build up in your aquarium, it can create patches of unsightly brown algae. The Phos-Zorb Pouch is scientifically proven to remove both compounds from your tank, resulting in crystal-clear water. In addition to clearing up the water, Phos-Zorb also helps hard and soft corals to grow in saltwater tanks, while removing nutrients that prevent your plants from growing in freshwater aquariums. The filtration medium comes in an easy-to-use pouch that treats up to 55 gallons of water and should be used when tests show more than 0 ppm / mg/L of phosphate or more than .5 ppm / mg/L of silicate.


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