Aquarium Pharm Filstar Foam 30


Aquarium Pharm Filstar Foam 30

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Filstar XP Filtration 30 PPI Foam Pad filter replacements provide reliable water filtration and particle removal. The micro filtration pads filter out small waste particles such as sediment, uneaten food, decaying matter and fish waste. The open-cell design catches contaminates while allowing water to flow freely through, circulating back into the tank. Filstar XP Filter Pads work to keep water cleaner and clearer when used regularly.

In addition to particle removal, Filstar XP Filtration 30 PPI Foam Pads will also remove ammonia, medications, dyes and other similar contaminants. Foam pad filters do an excellent job of cleaning and purifying tank water, reducing aquarium maintenance needs and saving time. These filters are intended for use with API Filstar XP Canister Filters and should be placed in the lower portion of the filter, above a 20 pip foam pad as indicated in the installation instructions. Pads are sold in 2-piece sets, with each set lasting for approximately 3 months. For the best filter performance, pads should be replaced regularly.


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