Aquarium Pharm Filstar Foam 20


Aquarium Pharm Filstar Foam 20

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API Filstar XP Filtration 20 PPI Filter Pads are replacement parts for API Filstar XP Canister Filters. The filter pads are designed to be used in the lowest part of the filter’s chamber, directly below the 30 PPI filter. Filstar XP 20 PPI Filtration Pads mechanically filter particles, waste and uneaten food from the water. The filters feature an open-cell design that effectively catches contaminates without impeding water flow or becoming easily clogged. The 2-piece package works to keep water clean and clear for approximately 3 months.

In addition to particulate removal, Filstar XP Filtration 20 PPI Foam Pads are also noted for their chemical filtering properties. The filters remove ammonia, medications, dyes and other contaminates that can cause unhealthy tank conditions. API Filstar XP Canister Filters do an excellent job of keeping tank water clear, reducing maintenance needs and keeping fish healthy. Installation instructions are included with the replacement pads to ensure proper filter function. For the best filter performance, API filter pads should be replaced regularly.


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