Aquarium Pharm Filstar Carbon 150g


Aquarium Pharm Filstar Carbon 150g

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Rena Super Activated Carbon effectively removes most dissolved organics, odors, colors, toxins, medications and other pollutants from tank water. The premium grade size 6 carbon pieces feature an optimal pore structure and a large surface area for a better absorption rate than standard carbon. The activated carbon treatment will not raise phosphate levels in your aquarium or change the pH level. Super Activated Carbon is safe for use in saltwater or freshwater tanks and can even be used with sensitive reef systems. Rena Super Activated Carbon can be used when starting a new aquarium or when maintaining or treating an existing setup.

Rena Super Activated Carbon in size 6 comes in a convenient, ready-to-use pouch. A single pouch can treat up to a 55-gallon (210 L) aquarium. When used regularly, the premium-grade carbon filter keeps aquarium water crystal clear for up to 1 month before needing replacing. Rena premium carbon pouches are suitable for use with sensitive fish, plants and invertebrates.


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