Aquael Leddy LED Slim Sunny Light Strip 8″-11.75″ Black


Aquael Leddy LED Slim Sunny Light Strip 8″-11.75″ Black

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Well suited for freshwater aquariums, the Aquael Leddy Slim Sunny is a high quality LED aquarium lamp that produces exceptionally bright daylight at 6500K. Unlike many other products on the market, this light was designed with a slim, modern profile, which serves to enhance your tank and keep the visual focus on the contents of your aquarium, not the equipment surrounding it. The unit has been carefully constructed with corrosion resistant, easy to clean glass as a way to help maintain proper functionality and to extend the longevity of your lamp. As well, the lights have been designed specifically for open top aquariums, with the lights safely and securely resting on the side walls of your tank.

This sleek LED light also has another innovative trick up its sleeve: a self repair system. For years, if a diode burns out on your lamp, aquarium owners either dealt with a dark spot in their aquarium, or find themselves draining their wallets on an expensive replacement. Not anymore! If any diode on the Aquael Leddy Slim Sunny happens to stop working at any time, its functions and power will be taken over by the neighbouring diodes, which will start to produce light at a higher power to compensate. If this does occur, the light power and the spectrum parameters of the lamp will not change in any way. Draws 5 watts of power, produces 550 lumens and comes with a beautiful black finish. Ideal for aquariums between 8″ – 11.75″ across.


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