Aquael Internal Filter Fan Mikro


Aquael Internal Filter Fan Mikro

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Aquael Fan Filter – Mikro Plus is an ultra reliable, sleek internal filter designed for use in freshwater aquariums. The protective plastic casing helps shield the unit from any bumps or drops, and the dirt resistant filter combined with durable sponges helps trap and remove any dirt, debris or particulate matter from aquarium water. Even maintenance is easy! The long lasting filter boasts a filter media chamber that prevents water from pouring out of the filter into the aquarium during water changes or when the filter is removed for cleaning.

Unmatched in its versatility and ease of use, the Mikro Plus is fully functional in water as shallow as 2 inches deep, making it ideal for aquariums, terrariums or paludariums up to 7.9 gallons in size. As well, the water flow direction can be adjusted by up to 75° and the unit features an ergonomic control dial that can be placed above the waters surface, effectively making annoying wet sleeves a thing of the past. The sealed rotor chamber guarantees near silent operation and a low power consumption of only 4 watts. Features a flow rate of 66 GPH.


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