AquaClear Power Head – 114 L (30 US gal.)


AquaClear Power Head – 114 L (30 US gal.)

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The Hagen AquaClear Powerhead is a versatile multifunctional water pump that is ideal for driving undergravel filters, circulating and aerating water within your aquarium, raising oxygen levels and helping to maintain crystal clear conditions for your aquatic inhabitants. The compact, fully submersible design allows the unit to be placed anywhere in the aquarium with low visual and spatial impact, and it is carefully insulated in a protective epoxy resin for continuous, long term durability in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Because of this, the low-profile powerhead is absolutely ideal for smaller reef aquariums, but has all the power to create strong enough currents to keep your water pets healthy and happy. The convenient output hose adaptor will allow for simple connection of spray bars or other accessories and for added filtration purposes the unit has the ability to be connected to a protein skimmer, an essential component of any reef-based aquarium. The venturi aeration valve uses atmospheric air to effectively raise oxygen levels, increase surface agitation and gas exchange, which is essential when faced with inconsistent water temperatures, during disease treatments or when there is a heavily stocked aquarium. The introduction of a higher than average, yet consistent flow will be ideal for fish who love fast moving water, such as small danio species, various tetras and glass catfish to name a few.

To double up on filtration, use the Hagen AquaClear Powerhead in conjunction with the AquaClear Quick Filter to provide unmatched mechanical filtration for noticeably cleaner water. The unit also includes custom flow control, and a unique reverse flow feature that forces water down the undergravel riser stem and beneath the gravel, helping to eliminate organic detritus build up that can lead to toxic increases in ammonia levels. This has the effect of promoting rapid bacterial growth from the bottom up; as injecting oxygen rich water beneath the undergravel bed supports optimal conditions for beneficial nitrifying bacteria. To remain user-friendly, the unit boasts a rim attachment bracket that fits easily on to most standard aquarium rims, and suction cups maintain extra stability. The energy efficient unit features a flow rate of 175 GPH and is ideal for use in aquariums up to 30 gallons.


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