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This online ordering feature has been set up to hopefully ease the ordering process for the products that we have available at our location. You will need to pay over the phone with a credit card (Debit cards can not be accepted over the phone). If you wish to pay by debit or cash you will need to enter the store to the first cashier closest to the door. Customers requesting curbside pick up will need to call the store at 905-560-1000 ext. 1 upon arrival and the products will be brought out to your vehicle. This process can only be done if orders are paid over the phone.

Prices periodically get updated overnight at the store and the pricing on the website can be delayed in being updated. Prices in the cash register system at the time of payment will supercede the web prices. This may only occure if ordering on one day and paying on another.

We will fill the orders during regular business hours in a timely manner and based on available quantities. We will call you when the order is ready for pickup with the final price and for your payment if you selected to pay over the phone.

We will only require your name, phone number and email on this site for follow-up purposes. No financial information will be requested from us online.

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The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product or livestock.
Livestock may not be available as shown, please call to confirm availability before coming to the store.

Aqua FX Booster Pump

Reg: $299.99

ASWO: 9644


AquaClear Power Head - 114 L (30 US gal.)

Reg: $54.99

ASWO: 1062U


AquaClear Power Head - 265 L (70 US gal.)

Reg: $89.99

ASWO: 1057U


AquaClear Power Head 50 - 189 L (50 US gal.)

Reg: $79.99

ASWO: 1056U


Eheim Compacton 1000 Aquarium Pump

Reg: $67.99

ASWO: 7400


Eheim Hobby Pump 1046 79 Gph

Reg: $119.99

ASWO: 7607


Eheim Hobby Pump 1048 159 Gph

Reg: $129.99

ASWO: 7609


Eheim Hobby Pump 1250 317 Gph

Reg: $159.99

ASWO: 7620


Eheim Skim350 Micro Surface Skimmer

Reg: $59.99

ASWO: 7347


Hydor Pico Centrifugal Pump 300

Reg: $45.99

ASWO: 60989


Pentair Aquatics Quiet One 1200 Pro

Reg: $52.99

ASWO: 21392


Pentair Aquatics Quiet One 200 Pro

Reg: $28.99

ASWO: 21092


Pentair Aquatics Quiet One 800 Pro

Reg: $38.99

ASWO: 21391


Sicce Canada Mi Mouse Sub Pump 82Gph

Reg: $27.99

ASWO: 44700


Sicce Canada Micra Sub Pump 90Gph

Reg: $34.99

ASWO: 44701


Sicce Canada Micraplus Sub Pump 158Gph

Reg: $44.99

ASWO: 44702


Sicce Canada Multi Quiet 1300 (320Gph)

Reg: $69.99

ASWO: 44738


Sicce Canada Multi Quiet 4000 (990Gph)

Reg: $159.99

ASWO: 44740


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