COVID-19 July 20th Update: Face covering is now mandatory. Most services at Big Al's Hamilton are available again. Bird grooming is available again by appointment only.
Find out what you need to know to continue caring for your pets safely.

Grooming Department

At Big Al's, we take pride in offering you the best grooming and supplies for your dog and cat, and we encourage you to expand your knowledge with the support of our qualified technicians and grooming experts.

Have your dog or cat look his or her best by being trimmed, bathed and nails cut. Not only do we take care of dogs and cats, but for the bird lovers, we trim their claws and beaks, and clip their wings.

We are proud to offer you a broad selection of grooming products to help you take care of the outside of of your pets as much as you do the inside.


Our Vendors

Here are some of our more popular product lines and their websites.