Freshwater & Saltwater Fish


Here at Big Al’s Hamilton we carry a broad range of fish both in fresh water and salt water varieties. We have a large number of tanks to display our wide choice of fish, rocks, coral, plants and more.

Come in and meet with our friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you find the right species to make your aquarium or pond just that extra bit more special.

Having problems or questions with your livestock? We are more that happy to all your questions and help you come to the best solution.


Q. – How do I care for my new Betta Fish?
A. – See our Betta Care Guide PDF.

Q. – How do I add marine fish to a tank?
A. – See our Drip Acclimation of Marine Fish Guide PDF.

Photo by Marcus Lange from Pexels

Come in and see the wide variety of fish we carry!